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It is the dream of every Product Owner, Team Leader and Project Manager to have designers and developers who have a hitch-free working relationship and enjoy working together so much, that they sing ‘Kumbaya’ while going about their different tasks, with smiles on their faces. Cute right?

Unfortunately, wishes are not horses and Project Managers cannot ride on them. Often times, the collaborative process that seem to comes naturally for other teams isn’t the case because Designers and Developers not only have different job profiles, they also view things from different perspectives. …

The success of a design process and the ease with which it comes is dependent on a number of factors. One of such factors is the Design tool that is used by the Designer. In an industry where one never runs out of tools, and new tools seem to be created on a daily basis, which one of the many options is the best? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Design Tool: Sketch

Sketch: a.k.a. Baby boomers, was launched in 2010 as a UI design tool and is the oldest of the three software. Largely ‘conservative’ on its own, one of its prominent…

Written words are parts of our everyday lives as humans. From a tweet, to a line in a book, to reading the instructions of an examination, to following the steps on a website, and to these that you are reading right now. They are all around us and although they seem negligible, we cannot do without them.

Words are also beyond the language in which they are written. …

Many times, a lot of creatives, mask their fear of starting something new with the ‘I don’t have my equipment yet’ excuse. So you see someone who is interested in Photography say things like, I don’t have my Camera yet, so I can’t start, or you see a prospective YouTube content creator say ‘I’m waiting to buy my ring light before I record my first video’.

Maybe sometimes, they are genuine excuses (I mean, we all think our excuses are genuine). But more often than not, these excuses are not left without an actual way out, but that’s solely dependent…

Have you ever had to work on a project within a shorter timeline than you’d have loved to, and unfortunately, you ended up spending a longer timeline correcting, tweaking and making revisions till it was fit for purpose? Or maybe you once started a design project and got stuck halfway because you were not sure what direction to continue in?

Well, these situations are not uncommon and they could be as a result of a couple of factors, which could make up an endless list. …


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